Terms & Conditions

No smoking inside or on decks, even if the decks are private. This includes vaping and smoking non-tobacco products. We have a designated smoking area, away from the cottages, near the woods with a lovely view.

No pets. Not even really little ones, really friendly ones, really well behaved ones. We have invested in decor and furnishings that simply won’t hold up to the presence of animals.

Automatic cleaning charges will be assessed if the smoking or pet policies are not followed.

Automatic charges will result from damage to linen, bedding, pillows, and furnishings that cannot be cleaned.

If you love something enough in the cottage to take it home with you, fantastic! We will add that to your room charge plus 20% handling fees for the missing items.

We will be taking 50% percent of the balance as a deposit when reservation is booked. You may pay with any credit card when you check in.

When you use the Book Now button on our website, you recieve the best available rate, with a savings of up to 25% off other online travel sites.